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Steamy Wonder Spa



Apart from simply being enjoyable, taking a steam bath has a variety of health benefits. As the steam fills the canopy with heat and circles around the body, it stimulates immune and lymphatic systems and blood circulation, improves skin condition, relieves pain and reduces stress.

The function of the body's immune system is of extreme importance as it defends the body against a myriad of bacteria, parasites, toxins and viruses. The heat within the steam canopy induces a kind of artificial fever, stimulating the body into increasing white blood cell production and inhibiting the growth of viruses and bacteria.

 The lymphatic system is part of the immune system and affects every cell and every organ within the body. Lymph removes bacteria from tissues, transports fat from the small intestine and carries waste away from cells. Steam baths enhance the function of the lymph's cleansing action.

Sweating, increased heart rates and improved circulation also assist in the reduction of cellulite and weight loss efforts, as the body's metabolism is speeded up - resulting in more calories being burned - and toxins, excess fluid and fat are sweated out.

 Steam causes the body to sweat heavily, which opens skin pores and allows dead cells and deep seated grime to be washed out. This is particularly helpful when treating acne and various other skin conditions. Improved circulation gives skin a healthy and glowing appearance.

 Heat is known to relieve muscular and joint pain. Blood vessels are expanded, circulation is increased and more nutrients and oxygen are being delivered to the painful or damaged parts. As a result, the pain is temporarily stopped or at least reduced and the body's healing rate is increased. This in turn will speed the healing of damaged tissue.

 Stress can cause a number of serious health problems and relaxing in the soothing atmosphere of a steam sauna is an excellent way to reduce stress. As muscles relax in the heat, tension is relieved and the mind is calmed. Taking a steam bath just before going to bed will promote the kind of deep and restful sleep the body needs to recharge and heal itself.

 Using the Steam Spa on a regular basis can improve a person's state of mind, health and appearance.